the masters produce story

Masters' passion for farming began over 70 years ago. We are a 100% family owned and operated market gardening production, packing, marketing and export business nestled in the fertile rich volancic soils of Auckland's Bombay Hills and surrounding district.

A region known as the vegetable bowl of New Zealand. Today , we grow a variety of potatoes, onions , lettuce and cover crops (barley, oats, mustard) for fresh and processed markets across New Zealand and abroad.

Three generations strong we pride ourselves in our steep heritage and at Masters we see ourselves as caretakers and custodians of the land, involved not just in food production but also sustainable land management. This involves improving soil health and nutrition by reducing the use of agrichemicals to produce a quality, safe and nutritious product for you, our consumers.



What is sustainability? Sustainability means different things to many people.  Generally sustainable horticulture, addresses the economic, ecological and social aspects of horticulture;  so to be sustainable, horticulture can operate when the environment, its custodians and surrounding communities are healthy.

At Masters, food quality and integrity is important to us which is why we adhere to international best practise, soil management, nutrient and quality assurance compliance programmes.

The health and wellbeing of our customers are of the utmost importance.  We endeavour to always strive to improve our systems, seeking out more efficient and cleaner ways to farm our lands; maintaining and producing natural habitats and green buffer zones, use of cover crops, introducing microbiologicals back into the soil and optimising efficiently of natural resources.

Jayant Masters

Our passion is to grow fresh, quality produce and we are skilled at our craft.

Success comes through hard work and know how, not luck!

Nature's superfood.
Flawless potatoes in the field.

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